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Aquamarine - wisdom,knowledge,creativity 

Amethyst - healing,good for meditation and dreaming

Jade - money and luck

Unakite - good spirit and beauty

Opalite - helps to protect you from absorbing other peoples energy 

Serpentine - aligns our chakra system 

Black tourmaline - protection and purifier of negative energy 

Pyrite - wealth and abundance 

Howlite - calming and stress relief 

Ocean Jasper - happiness 

Rainbow hematite - grounding stone 

Black obsidian - mirror to you soul and protection. 

Goldstone - renews strength and ambition 

Green aventurine - prodperity and enhance sense of humor. 

Rose quartz - love and self love 

Black onyx - protection and absorbs negative energy 

Tiger eye - clarity, attract wealth and determination 

Hematite - grounding and  Balance root chakra

Rudy zoisite - healing of emotional body, grief, anger, and depair

Amazonite - feel better stone. Reduces stress

Rhodonite - self love and healing 

Mountain jade - creates balance in our lives. 

Black Rutilated quartz - enhances your intuition

Sunshine - optimism, vitality, and luck(just 1 sm in stock

Angeite - peace, speak the truth (2 sm in stock)

Evil eye - protection 

Pink tormaline - love, self love 

Large Bead Crystal Bracelets

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