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Created with healing Reiki energy, each soap is hand made with love and intention to bring in the energy that you desire. Angel, Peace, Power, Clearing and Moon Ritual are currently available. (Also see "Attraction" soap listed as separte product.)


Intention Soap options:

  • Angel: Tune into the energy of unconditional love and support from the angelic realms.
  • Peace: Great for bringing in the energy of calm and peacefulness.
  • Power: Embrace yourself from within and tap into your most confident self. Bring out your special shine and strengthen your aura.
  • Clearing: Clear away that which does not serve your highest good.
  • Moon Ritual: Call in the moon energy as you desire for manifestation, healing and beyond.

Intention Soaps

  • Soaps are handmade so natural variations may occur. Test all products on a small part of the skin to check for any allergies. 

  • Handmade products can vary in color and may not look exactly like the picture.

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