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This giant blue agate plate lined with a complementary gold finish is perfect for your crystal charging and metaphysical needs. Our favorite feature of this charging plate is its remarkably uncommon ring of teal coloring. It also features a matte backside and a small off-center geode deposit. Any object placed upon the plate will be imbued with the protective and healing properties of agate— namely promoting calmness, communication, harmonization, as well as repelling negativity. This makes a wonderful addition to any space. Reflective finish, lightly textured, rustic edging, and uber-heavy. Approximate measurement: 10 x 8.5 x 1.5 in. Estimated shipping quote due to weight: $40 USD. Standard $15.50 shipping amount at checkout will be credited towards covering the estimated shipping price.

Blue Agate Teal Charging Plate

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