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These intention-based candles, that draw inspirations from the Ace of Cups Tarot card, are infused with the energies of hand-selected herbs, crystals and oils that reflect the magic of the Ace of Cups and are hand-poured & magicked by Fatima herself—the owner of Path of Awakenings and creator of the Awaken with Fatima line of intention-based tools.

Wanting more inspiration and opportunities in your life—especially a higher level of fullment, personal flow, including - new relationships and love? Feeling as though you’re wanting a fresh start, a new beginning full of abundance, intuition, joy, flow and prosperity?

Burn an Ace of Cups candle and let the magic begin! This is the start of something beautiful!

Awaken With Fatima Line - Ace of Cups Candle in Blessed Vessel

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