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A follow-up to the bestselling Good Juju, Powerful Juju takes you to the crossroads of magickal work, where you'll find guidance and comfort in times of hardship. Najah Lightfoot introduces twelve goddesses and iconic women, from mythology and modern times, who offer both inspiration and protection against the most difficult aspects of life. Each one is accompanied by a song to soothe and uplift your spirit, a list of correspondences, a brief description, and instructions on setting up sacred space to bring her spirituality into your life. You'll meet Sekhmet, Frida Kahlo, Doreen Valiente, Tituba, Nina Simone, Lilith, and others. This book's songs and powerful figures were specially chosen to accompany you through the crossroads.

Powerful Juju: Goddesses, Music & Magic for Comfort, Guidance & Protection

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